strategic innovation cycle

Change is changing. Strategic Innovation is vital in ensuring that organisations can respond to change and transform themselves as they do so.

Axilo has a distinct and robust way of thinking about the imperatives and the implications of uncertainty and strategic renewal. We know that organisations try and fail to transform because they don’t know how to design the experiences, generate the intelligence and access the capabilities necessary to adapt to the changing context and leverage its opportunities.

We believe that our approach can produce significantly better outcomes from engaging in Strategic Innovation activities that are structured by intent, dynamic portfolio management, generative sensemaking, deliberate, socialised and prudent commitments.

Axilo offers a decision-making architecture, a core transformational design competence, portfolio development and sensemaking processes and enabling tools that seamlessly fuse a deep understanding of Strategic Risk, Strategic Options and Strategic Innovation.

Our unique capability supports all organisations, institutions and social systems in responding to change and changing themselves as they do so.

Read about our approach in The Routledge Companion to Strategic Risk Management edited by our Chairman Torben Andersen, and watch our Managing Director Luca Gatti present our practice at the Design Management Institute Conference.