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Changing context is non-linear.
Strategic renewal is needed.

Organisational context is changing: it is fast and multidimensional with interconnected dynamics and evolutions. Strategic renewal is needed: initiatives, capabilities, and systems that can recognise new paradigms, generate new forms, and effect new pathways.

Our approach to Strategic Innovation draws from dynamic and open exchanges, diversity, creativity, obliquity, serendipity, experimentation, and learning. For over 15 years our practice has formed, morphed and adapted across private, public and not-for-profit entities in a variety of sectors.

We are also developing a proprietary model where organisations can collaboratively engage in Strategic Innovation, managing relevant uncertainty in the external context. It is a creative, entrepreneurial and relational space. We call this space Chôra.

Read about our approach in The Routledge Companion to Strategic Risk Management edited by our Chairman Torben Andersen, and watch our Managing Director Luca Gatti present our practice at the Design Management Institute Conference.


We work with key decision makers and internal teams to understand current business capability, the ultimate need served, and the requisite external conditions; enabling the identification of strategic risks: idiosyncratic incoherences between the business and its operating environment.


We help organisations learn through strategic options which deliver intelligence to key decision makers from open networks of densely assembled relationships and capabilities; enabling ongoing reflection on the coherence of the business with its external context.


We facilitate strategic innovation: an iterative process structured by an entrepreneurial effectuation pathway of staged investments and strategic learning.