Strategic Leadership

Developing pragmatic, adaptive, transformational and distinctive capabilities to lead human systems in conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

Why do it?

Change is changing: any human systems today needs to develop organisational resilience and a capability to constantly recognise the nature and dynamics of change so as to renew itself.

For this to occur effectively system wide processes of engagement with the problem are required: to reflect on the system’s identity and rationale; to produce compelling and relevant images of possible changes; to design the breadth of learning positions that will provide resources and models; to make sense of a dynamic portfolio; to extract intelligence outcomes to feed in the articulation of robust argument; to establish a new intent and develop solutions for its effectuation.

WHAT IS a strategic leadership?

A modular and experiential engagement that develops leadership capabilities across the 12 stations of our Strategic Management Framework.


Any human system looking to inform its approach to resilience and renewal with a pragmatic, adaptive, effective transformational capability.