Strategic Argument

Applying Portfolio Sensemaking and Intelligence to the design of action.

Unlocking the potential for change:

A Strategic Argument provides a robust conceptual framework and rationale for Strategic Innovation commitments. Arguments that structure strategic decision-making can only be inductive: supported by a well-arranged set of premises, articulating a proposition, precipitating a conclusion. A Strategic Argument identifies the need to create organisational capabilities that can lead to renewal and transformation. It emerges from robust socialisation and informed collective judgement, presents a persuasive and compelling projection, forms actions that will make change happen.

A Strategic Argument pivots the organisation from the exploring of possibilities to the formation of a new Strategic Intent. It represents a formalisation of sensemaking outcomes (why), outlining the space of opportunity for Strategic Innovation (where), and the alternative models, capabilities and resources leveraged to do so (how)

WHAT IS a strategic argument?

A process and a template structure for extracting Strategic Intelligence from Portfolios of activities, projects, options and feeding it into a well articulated document around which to anchor a broad and robust strategic conversation.

The output is a Strategic Intent articulation with a formed view as to where and how that intent can be effectively executed.


Any human systems (from small team to global system) that wishes to engage in coherent, socialised, effective renewal and transformation. Change agents and decision makers.