An application of a Sensemaking Protocol to a Portfolio of activities (Projects, Investments, Strategic Options).

Why undertake sensemaking?

Actionable Intelligence is the source of impact effects and competitive advantage. Robust and effective sensemaking is the key to organisational and system learning and to the extraction of insights and intelligence. Intelligence that feeds into structured arguments establishes intent, structures commitments, provides a rationale for the allocation of resources, and makes things happen.

The Protocol that we have developed has been tested across sectors, system typologies and it is currently applied at a global level by the UNDP: it is an intense, situated, socialised experience that accelerates effects.

WHAT IS Sensemaking?

A structured and robustly facilitated one day sensemaking workshop with a relevant and select group of internal/external participants.


Any organisation, system, institution that is engaged in a diverse set of activities, projects, programs of work, investments, portfolios of options and wishes to apply a proven and effective protocol of sensemaking that extracts insights, maps connections, forms actionable intelligence, articulates strategic arguments and develops design briefs.