We engage leaders, executives, organisational and social systems to understand and manage uncertainty, imagine future possibilities, design renewal options, develop and discover models and solutions, and leverage change.


Our Strategic Risk & Innovation Framework

The relationship between your organisation and the changing external context is unique; the way you manage that relationship should be too. Axilo designs programs of work that help organisations, institutions and systems identify and manage Strategic Risk emerging from structural changes in context. We have a dynamic and generative architecture of concepts, processes, and tools that originate from an original, robust, end-to-end framework for Strategy making. Our offerings are designed to work as stand-alone experiences that develop new strategic leadership behaviours and capabilities, and together as broader programs of work that create a pathway for your organisation to engage systemically with Strategic Risk and Innovation.

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Strategic Risk

Axilo's framework and processes enable your organisation to Identify Strategic Risks and determine an optimal amount of capital to invest in the management of Strategic Risk through Strategic Innovation Activities.

This process involves a series of facilitated workshops that engage the collective intelligence of the organisation. The workshops generate a systemic representation of your current business; a landscape of possible futures that would shift the context In which it operates; and identify relevant incoherences (Strategic Risks) between the two.

Strategic Option Portfolios

Strategic Risk is best managed through the design and dynamic management of a Portfolio of Strategic Options. Leveraging our transformational design, sensemaking and intelligence generation processes, a Portfolio generates the intelligence, capability and argument required for strategic renewal.

Options are co-designed and managed with the organisation to build capacity and to enable experience and intelligence to be effectively leveraged by decision makers. Options establish learning positions with a diverse network of partners, immediately providing a mechanism to understand emerging change dynamics and Strategic Risk from multiple perspectives.

Strategic Innovation

A Portfolio of Options generates a Strategic Argument that outlines a space of emerging opportunity for your business and the necessary models and resources required to transform. This Argument supports the articulation of a new Strategic Intent and a Commitment to Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is a transformational design process that follows an iterative pathway of staged investments and strategic learning. Your organisation takes ownership of this process, evaluating possible alternative models, implementing experimentation pathways, and scaling commitments progressively over time.

Our Offerings

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Strategic Risk

An introduction to Strategic Risk, to its leadership and governance implications and to its role in fostering innovation.

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A highly experiential, creative and social process that generates social representations of possible and relevant future contexts.

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A process, a formula and a structured strategic conversation for key decision makers to determine the Optimal Capital Allocation to Strategic Innovation Options and activities.

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Learning Journey

Deep learning experiences Develop Strategic Leadership behaviours and capabilities and a deep experiential understanding of relevant emerging technologies and system dynamics.

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An application of a Sensemaking Protocol to a Portfolio of activities (Projects, Investments, Strategic Options)

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Strategic Argument

Applying Portfolio Sensemaking and Intelligence to the design of action.

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Strategic Leadership

Developing pragmatic, adaptive, transformational and distinctive capabilities to lead human systems in conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

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