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Meredith England


Meredith leads our team and client transformations with her facilitation expertise coupled with deep experience in the practice of Strategic Risk management. She has run innovation processes and projects in large corporations who seek to adapt and remain relevant. Prior to joining Axilo, Meredith led strategic innovation work within a financial services organisation for 5 years. She started her career in R&D, product management and brand marketing at Unilever, as the co-owner of an education software start-up and as a strategy and design consultant. She has helped clients in diverse fields including engineering, for-purpose, telecommunications and professional services. As a designer, sense-maker and facilitator in company strategy and innovation for resilience, Meredith now works with executives to explore possibility and emergent dynamics of change, shape insight and inform strategic intent. Meredith loves to develop deep insight into system patterns and dynamics through digging into assumptions and uncovering the tensions and relations. She likes to ask the unaskable questions.