Our team

Meredith England
Strategic Designer | Founder


Meredith is a co-founder, learner sailor, systems thinker, designer and mother to teenage boys. She has been leading Axilo’s client engagements from the early days.

As a systems thinker, Meredith is most comfortable working in the complex space where human systems are considering their relevance in a fast-changing context. Meredith was part of the core group to build the Strategic Innovation team and capability at Suncorp, a leading Australian insurer and now leads engagements with private sector, for purpose and NGO clients in Australia and around the world.

Meredith co-owned a software start up before ’start up’ was really a thing and has lead work on ecosystems and the exploration of new models to create value. She has the experience to know when to ask a good question, when to imagine, to make sense, when to use frameworks and when to ditch them, when to position small bets for learning, and when to make things happen so that organisations and systems can transform themselves and build an adaptive capability.

Meredith is at home helping people develop deep insight into system patterns and dynamics and works with clients to build their strategic leadership capability.