A socialised, engaging, creative, insightful generation of possible and relevant futures.


The Future beams no data back to us. This problem, and the uncertainty that comes with it, has no obvious solution.

We should accept this, and deal with its implications creatively and meaningfully. In the past we could often identify patterns that Probability could project forward, today relying on the past does little to enhance resilience and nothing to generate competitiveness.

“Possible” and “relevant” have become strategically more important than “probable”. Lack of knowledge of the Future is best resolved through imagination: with an image which does not exist in “fact” can be made to exist in “narrative”. Then, there is meaning that engages the intelligence and the passion of all involved.

What are Futures?

Over 2 days, teams of 6-10 employees and executives collaborate to develop a Future - a snappy, iconic and challenging image that leverages and distributes intelligence.

Multiple Futures are necessary to identify relevant change - the workshops are scaled based to fit your scale and resources.


Any organisation and human system that wishes to address in a participative and intelligent way the implications of change in the Future must generate images of its multiple possibilities. In imagining possible Futures what matters is whether they work to stimulate insight and action.