Our team

Francesco Corea


Francesco is our AI evangelist, helping our clients think through the dimensions of these emerging technologies. Francesco has been working in and researching with Artificial Intelligence, complexity science and exponential technologies and has recently completed his Ph.D. in this area. He is a technologist, investor and data strategist and works with AI startups on product and growth strategies, as well as with venture funds where he fosters deal flow and establishes solid investment processes.

His signature: his deep knowledge of AI and academic background in mathematics which has led him to publish several books on AI and big data, combined with ventures and investments.

Francesco excels in translating his scientific knowledge on algorithmic, AI and complexity into management perspectives, investment opportunities and how they can be used in business – to paraphrase some titles of his publications.

He is passionate about merging engineering and scientific discoveries to solve high-value problems with impactful solutions.