System transformation requires a new model of the structure of socio-technical systems. One that offers access to a capability and attracts “presences” that furnish a multiplicity of interests, a density of renewal intents, and a richness of resources and solutions.


Our intent with the publication of our CHÔRA Blueprint is to offer a solution to the problem of system resilience and renewal by establishing a system architecture that leverages two elements:

  1. an original and robust capability of design, sense-making and strategic innovation;

  2. a multi-sided platform model for efficiently accessing that capability and the creative, entrepreneurial constituency it attracts.

CHÔRA is where the possibility of things is imagined, ideated, decanted and eventually actioned. It is a space of reflection, of learning, of representation of how things might be, of how they could be. The Capability it provides, and the creative density of the entrepreneurial efforts it enables, attract resources and create opportunities, generate a febrile, rich and diverse fabric of social and economic activities. Solutions are produced here, capabilities and intelligence shared as innovation emerges, effects accelerate, and change happens.

CHÔRA offers access to a language, a creative protocol of transformational capabilities and behaviours that form actions, induce learning and model outcomes. This Capability is the “core” feature of the platform: it instructs the design practice, it informs the sense-making, and it forms the strategic arguments. A multiplicity of users, relationships, activities and experiences are attracted to it, and all seek it to make and transform.

CHÔRA creates space, seeds and hosts all this. This “maker” language enables and rigorously manages strategic pathways and solutions that lead from conditions of uncertainty and concerns with resilience, to arguments for and commitments to renewal, thus disciplining intents and efforts. It is a dynamic and generative architecture of concepts, processes, tools that originate from our original, robust, end-to-end framework for Strategic Innovation.

With this Blueprint we want to establish a social space, structure a coming together, form an intent and engage those present to it in an exchange of possibilities. Reach out to us if interested!

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